Canine Parvovirus – how we can stop this killer-disease of puppies.

Canine Parvovirus – how we can stop this killer-disease of puppies

Dr Mark Kelman (view profile)

Canine parvovirus (‘Parvo’) is the most serious disease threat to dogs and pups in Australia, with outbreaks regularly seen across the country. Parvo can particularly be an issue for animal shelters as dogs and pups may come in harboring the virus subclinically only to present with disease a few days later. Spread can occur easily in the shelter environment. Parvo leads to death and suffering of animals, is costly to treat, impacts on staff, results in shut-downs and can have serious reputational damage.

In early 2017, an ambitious research project was launched to measure the true extent of Parvo across Australia, identify outbreak areas, and collect information to inform future interventions that prevent further cases. The second stage of this project has just begun, to assess how communication-and-vaccination strategies can help to reduce cases or even prevent or stop outbreaks. A national Parvo disease surveillance and alerting system is also under development. Results from this research and risk factors for Parvo will be discussed in this presentation. The ultimate goal of the project is to stop Parvo one region at a time, and bring this disease under control.