Collective priority setting for animal welfare in Australia: the Animal Welfare Collaborative

Dr Jill Fernandes (view profile)

The single greatest risk currently facing Australia’s livestock industries is the loss of social license to sell and consume animal products. A $3.9 billion loss is forecasted for the red meat industries by 2030 if consumer and community concerns are not adequately addressed.

Mitigating this risk requires urgent action but not by a single sector alone. Consumers, community interest groups, retailers, livestock producers, processors, and exporters, industry consultants, Rural Research and Development Corporations, research organisations and State, Territory and Federal Governments all have critical roles in shaping the future of animal welfare in Australia.

We believe that efforts to address concerns over animal welfare in Australia must be credible and inclusive of all relevant stakeholders. In 2017 the University of Queensland launched a national partnership for animal welfare, called the Animal Welfare Collaborative.

The vision of the Animal Welfare Collaborative is to foster productive collaboration among industry, community and government to improve animal welfare in Australia. We will present our strategy to mediate among these three sectors, facilitating productive dialogue and collective priorities that can be translated into policy and practice.