Dr Cam Day

Dr Cam Day is full-time Veterinary Behaviourist in Brisbane, Queensland. He gained membership of the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1995. He is also a media presenter. He is one of the few veterinarians in Australia consulting full-time in pet behaviour therapy. On a daily basis, Dr Cam consults with dog and cat owners about the mood aberrations of their pets. He helps to solve problems such as anxiety and panic disorders, compulsive behaviours and many other pet behavioural aberrations which create worrisome moods such as aggression, excessive vocalising, separation anxiety, noise panic disorders, house-soiling behaviours and self-harming behaviours.

Dr Cam is committed to animal welfare. He was the inaugural Chair of the Queensland State Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, a role he maintained from 2004 until October 2013. He is a past Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Queensland Veterinary School.

He conducted veterinary talk-back radio on ABC Radio and Radio 4BC continuously from 1984 to 2015 and has presented on television many times. Dr Cam maintains an online pet behaviour advice service via the Pethealth Project which provides DIY information on pet behavioural issues.

Day 1 of the conference Dr Cam Day will be talking about simple but effective cheats that make reward-based training work – view Abstract

Day 2 of the conference Dr Cam Day will be talking about when training is not enough – moods and mood disorders of pets – view Abstract