Dr Caroline Lee

Dr Caroline Lee leads the animal behaviour and welfare research team at CSIRO. She completed her PhD at The University of Sydney in 2001. Since joining CSIRO in 2002, Caroline has worked on researching the welfare of sheep, cattle and poultry.

Dr Lee’s research aims to develop new methods to assess animal welfare. Her main research interests are in understanding the relationship between cognition and emotion to enable assessment of animal welfare. She also works on developing virtual fencing systems for cattle and sheep.

Dr Lee is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Rural Science, The University of New England. She represents CSIRO on the Board of the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching Ltd (ANZCCART), the Management Committee of the OIE Collaborating Centre for Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis, the National Animal Welfare RD &E Strategy Management Committee and is a member of the Regional Animal Welfare Strategy.

Dr Lee will be participating in two talks for the Animals in Focus Conference:

  1. Assessing the impact of new animal management technologies on welfare – view abstract
  2. New ways of assessing emotions in farm animals – view abstract