Dr Karmele Llano Sánchez

Program Director, Yayasan IAR Indonesia

Dr Karmele Llano Sánchez is the Founder and Program Director of International Animal Rescue’s projects in Indonesia, under the name of Yayasan IAR Indonesia (YIARI). YIARI is a non-profit organisation born in 2008 created with the aim to conserve habitats and protect the animals that live on them. YIARI is also implementing approaches to reduce the trade in wild animals, and establish strategies to ensure that wild animals remain safe in their habitat; but when necessary, YIARI rescues wild animals, and when possible, rehabilitates them and releases them back into the wild, also providing sanctuary for those that cannot be released. The rescue work currently involve two main areas of activity: a Primate Project in Bogor, Java which focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered slow lorises and macaques, and an Orangutan Project in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, which rescues and rehabilitates orangutans that have been kept illegally as pets, or left stranded and starving after their home in the forest has been destroyed.

Karmele studied Veterinary Medicine in Spain and then a Masters in Veterinary Medicine in Perth. Earlier this year (2018) Karmele was awarded the Carol Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence. The annual award is presented by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) to an individual who embodies and puts into practice the GFAS philosphy of vision, dedication and excellence in animal care at Sanctuaries.

Dr Sánchez will be talking about the trek to freedom: the orangutans of Indonesia – view Abstract