Loose Change & Change Makers: A guide to charitable giving

Loose Change & Change Makers: A guide to charitable giving

Ms Alexandria Lausev (view profile)

Fundraising – What is it all about and why do we need to do it?  What motivates people to donate? Why do people get involved with charities? Why is positioning and the proposition so important?

What does a typical fundraising program look like? What is the donor pyramid?

Knowing what fundraising is and how to do it is a great start.

This session will look at the basic principles of fundraising 101 and some fundamentals important to the delivery of successful fundraising programs.  It will cover the three main program components: acquisition, retention and reactivation.

This session will focus on the core make-up of a typical program and the various to market channels.  We’ll cover most of the traditional fundraising channels in the evolution of a fundraising program: Direct mail, e-Mail, face to face, mobile/smart phones, print ads, radio, social media, events, telephone, television, website plus importance of integrated campaigns.

We’ll also look at some emerging fundraising trends and new technology.

The session will also look at why it’s important to be clear what we want the donor to do and what the donations will fund.

We’ll explore how the supporter journey can keep your donors engaged and why thanking and surprising and delighting donors is so important.

We will cover real examples of different fundraising campaigns that work and touch on some of the unique fundraising products RSPCA has.