New strategies in pain relief for farm animals

New strategies in pain relief for farm animal

Dr Alison Small (view profile)

As part of normal farming practice, a number of management procedures are carried out. Castration, tail docking, mulesing, dehorning and disbudding have been identified as painful procedures and, as custodians of our animals, we have an ethical responsibility to minimise the adverse impacts of management procedures. Furthermore, pain responses in livestock are also associated with injuries, lameness, mastitis and other conditions.

Local anaesthetics and sedatives have been available for veterinary use for a number of years for most mainstream livestock species (cattle, sheep and pigs) and some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been available for cattle, and more recently pigs and sheep.

This presentation will review recent developments in pain relief strategies for use on farm, with a particular focus on sheep production.